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MasterMind Game Section

 Thai Version ѧ English Version
Player Side: 6x4 Repeatable Classic 10x3 Not repeatable10x3 Repeatable 10x4 Not repeatable10x4 Repeatable 10x5 Not repeatable10x5 Repeatable
Setting Side:Set6x4 Repeatable Classic Set10x3 Not repeatableSet10x3 repeatable Set10x4 Not repeatableSet10x4 repeatable Set10x5 Not repeatableSet10x5 repeatable

Master Mind is a logic game. The computer will set up a code by pick 4 from 6 symbols [ or 123456].
A code may be contained all different symbols, partial or all same symbols such as , or 2516, 3344.
The objective of game is to guess what the code is.
In each guess, the computer will report a result in form of number of Blue and White dot. Number of Blue dot is number of guess's symbol is in the code and is on the right position [ RP]. Number of White dot is number of guess's symbol is in the code but is on the wrong position [ WP].
So the exactly correct guess is returned for 4 Blue dot .
See some sample scoring :-
CODE 2516 2516
guess 1 1234 1234 02
guess 2 5566 5566 20
guess 3 1256 1256 13

CODE 3344 3344
guess 1 1234 1234 11
guess 2 5566 5566 00
guess 3 1256 1256 02

In my opinion, Master Mind is useful game, both logic and fun. So I developed this web page and modify, extend some rule for more level of game as following :-
1. The scope of possible symbols :
from 6 to 10 symbols [0-9]
2. The scope of Code :
from 4 to 3-4-5 symbols [optional]
3. Method of Code Setting :
both permutation (Not Repeatable)
and combination (Repeatable).
By old style and new modify, the web page consist of 7 games :-
GAME 6 x 4 R [The Old Style] 6x4 Repeatable Classic
GAME 10 x 3 Not and Repeatable 10x3 Not Repeatable10x3 Repeatable
GAME 10 x 4 Not and Repeatable 10x4 Not Repeatable10x4 Repeatable
GAME 10 x 5 Not and Repeatable 10x5 Not Repeatable10x5 Repeatable